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The Future Is Bright.

- Lake Orion, Michigan - 


Michigan Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

Venture Out. Be Fearless.

If you Break, Smash, Run-Over, Lose, or somehow find your Greater Lakes sunglasses incapacitated, email your story to

Depending on how epic the story is, you can receive up to 100% off your next pair of Greater Lakes Sunglasses.

Wood Sunglasses with Dog

Life At The Lake.

Handcrafted elegant bamboo temples paired with a tortoise shell frame, the Walloons are designed to impress.

Boating sunglasses

Sunglasses for Life.

Owners of Greater Lakes sunglasses receive a discount on all future purchases for life!

Greater Lakes is a sunglasses company in Lake Orion, Michigan.
Our glasses are built for a life spent outdoors. Whether your out on the boat, grabbing a beer with some buds, or hiking into the unknown, our frames are built to last, and priced to not break your heart if anything happens to them.